Review: When the Moon Was Ours

When the Moon Was Ours, by Anna-Marie McLemore

Publishing House: Wednesday Books, edition: February 2018

ISBN: 978-1-250-16010-2

A short description by me:

When the Moon Was Ours is a fiction, Y.A. book. It narrates the live of two young adults. One is a girl name Miel (like honey in spanish), the other one is Sam. Miel and Sam share a little secret, or should I say, a big secret. They’ve know each other since little kids. It was a peculiar “meeting”.

In the town there’s and old water tower that it hasn’t been used years ago, so the town decided to build a new one. When they bring down the water tower a little kid, Miel, emerged from it all wet and scared. The hole town was speechless except for a little boy, named Sam, who went to her. Since then they become best friends. She was adopted by a woman, named Aracely.

The girl was a peculiar person since from her wrist emerged roses. Everyone in town thinks that those roses can make people fall in love. So a group of girls wanted to have the roses and threaten her with a secret of Sam that only her, Sam and his mother knows about. Once it start all the drama about how to not give them the roses, Miel and Sam discover a few more secrets about Aracely.

My opinion about the book:

You guys if you want to know the secrets about Sam and Aracelys you have to read the book. I won’t tell you, because when I found what was so scretly between those to character shock me. like literally, I was surprise I had no idea it was going to turn like that. The writer, Anna-Marie McLemore did a really good job wih the timing of reaviling the secrets. I really like how it was wirten. I felt like I was reading a novel but like poetic. I felt in love with the metaphoras she use. The only thing that I didn’t like was how it end, it was like a typical cheesy end (sorry if you find this like a spoiler alert).  But over all, it is very true what it says in the description at the back cover: “…romantic novel, packed with gorgeous prose and a hint of magic.”

When the Moon Was Ours is an easy, light but poetic novel. I recomen the book, it also have an important messege about LGBTQ.

One part of the book, of many, that capture me:

He thought he knew her body. He was so sure that  he could have drawn it, mapped it as easily as the lunar seas he could paint without looking at a map of the moon… she was a place whose darkness held not fear, but a promise of stars.

Rating:   ★★★★☆

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Happy reading!,

– Rashma

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