I would like to introduce my self properly:

My name, if you haven’t figure it out yet, is Rashma. I love books, coffee, tea, and cats. Even thought I only have one beautiful cat.

I started this blog to lose my self, to start fighting my own insecurities and chase my dreams. Yes, I started the blog as a book reviewer, and it will still be like that. But in between the books I’m reading, the reviews and the weekly poems, I will be posting about my writings, nothing in particular actually. Maybe it’ll be a poem, maybe a thought, or a short novel. I’m not an expert writing and I expect to grown with it.

I had no clue on how many blogs I’ll be posting of my writings in the week, but at least one per week. I still be posting the book I decide to read (I accept suggestions), every second Monday of the month. The review of the book will be post it the first Monday of the following month. And the poems will bepost every Tuesday.

I guess I’m finally finding my-self after all this years. I like what I’m starting to do and hope to learn and grow as a person; find new bloggers and non-bloggers friends around the world.

Hope you like my introduction. If you’d like to keep updated with the new things I’m going to be posting on this blog, you are more than welcome to follow me on Social Media, once again:



– Rashma